Navigating the Data Revolution – A Conversation with Richard Walker

The conversation around AI keeps gaining momentum, and for today’s advisor, it’s something that can be tapped for a variety of uses. In the latest Beacon Flash podcast, we’re looking at one particular use – data collection.

CEO of Quik Forms Richard Walker joins Beacon Strategies’ Managing Partner Chip Kispert for a fascinating discussion on data management innovation and the evolving landscape of data gathering. Let’s face it, the investor journey comes with a lot of form filling, and that’s nobody’s favorite pastime.

And, as Richard explains, advisors should see AI as a tool in their arsenal, not a threat. “People are not going to be replaced by AI, people are going to be replaced by people who use AI better. It’s just like when the word processor and Excel came out. If you had those skills, you got better paying jobs, and you moved up faster than people who didn’t.”

During the conversation, Richard highlights the critical yet often unnoticed role that efficient data handling plays in various industries, and envisions a future where AI transforms data gathering by making it more intuitive and secure.

Check out the full episode here!

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