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Offering wealth management solutions to educate, innovate, and transform.

Since 2006, Beacon has been helping wealth firms become the de facto vessel for learning, innovation, and transformation. Our expert services enable firms to gain a competitive edge, expand and diversify their business, grow margins, and optimize provider performance. We offer insights into current market trends, provide innovative ideas for business transformation, and solutions for staying ahead of the curve. 

Our team brings deep wealth, experience, and progressive thinking to every engagement, guiding you through every step of the process from strategy to execution. With our help and partnership, you can achieve your business goals and thrive in today’s ever-changing market. 

We are your fiduciary partner, and it is our responsibility to act honorably on your behalf. 

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We bring together enterprise wealth firm and solution provider professionals at the Beacon Roundtables for case-study discussions, breakout sessions, and community questions in an open and honest environment.

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Our enterprise consulting engagements are built on offering guidance to wealth firms for strategic positioning and new business development.

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Utilize our range of operational, educational, and practice management products tailored to help your wealth firm achieve its growth objectives while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.