Our litigation team is devoted to protecting communities as well as businesses’ commercial value of brands, ideas, and technology. Our firm has significant experience litigating before the California Supreme Court, California Court of Appeals, California Superior Court, the Federal Court of Appeals, Federal District Courts and the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.

We are dedicated to providing strategic and creative advocacy and advice. Our clients include industry leaders as well as emerging companies, creative and brilliant cultivators, geneticists, and scientists.
We are devoted to preventing infringement and representing clients in trademark litigation, patent litigation, before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board or Patent Trial and Appeal Board.
We represent municipal governments in shuttering illegal narcotics and code enforcement nuisances. Our mission, on behalf of local governments and their residents, is to stop illegal activity quickly and to ensure the illegal activity never returns.
We provide smart and effective litigation defending property owners from habitability complaints, ownership disputes, whether between family members or partners, and prosecute claims of trespass (the physical invasion of property) and nuisance (any action that affects the use or enjoyment of your property).
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