• Unveiling the Future of Wealth Tech Innovation – A Conversation with Michelle Feinstein, Salesforce

    The world of tech is constantly evolving and the future of wealth tech is on the horizon! In the latest Beacon Flash podcast we are joined by the Vice President and General Manager of the Financial Services Group at Salesforce, Michelle Feinstein.

    She takes us on a thrilling journey, revealing the groundbreaking advancements at the recent Dreamforce event, including the cutting-edge Einstein Co-Pilot, an expanded data cloud strategy, and the integration of personal financial management in their industry-leading financial services cloud. 

    Looking for answers on how technology is morphing the wealth management industry? Feast your mind on our enlightening conversation about the vital role of data, the swift pace of industry evolution, and the challenges of catering to diverse client demographics, from the uber-rich to the mass affluent. Michelle decodes the complex role that AI plays in financial services and uncovers Salesforce’s bold strategy in this space. We also tackle the technology hurdles wealth firms grapple with, emphasizing the importance of data unification, effective analytics, and the retirement of outdated systems to accelerate innovation. Don’t miss out on this action-packed discussion!

    Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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