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Vision Road-Mapping

Take a step back and strategize. Our in-depth understanding of the enterprise wealth business allows us to deliver unbiased recommendations that our customers can use to grow their relevance in a hyper-competitive ecosystem. That said, we love to tease out your firm’s business strategy and vision at a holistic level – then organizationally deconstruct the vision, often uncovering new and critical perspectives along the way.

Roadmap, Prioritization, Development, & Suggestions

Our thoughtful suggestions are a core Beacon service that delivers a three-year prioritized “process and technology” master plan. We create a single roadmap that builds upon future state recommendations to create a 360º experience that encompasses the prospect/investor, advisor/representative, and home office.

Investor Relevance Design

Not long ago, the investor experience was not that important – paper-based statements and quarterly performance briefs were enough. Today, the investor expects a digital experience. Our investor journey mapping is designed to meet and exceed the investor client’s expectations while creating a competitive advantage for advisor retention, recruitment, and defense against margin erosion.